Vision & Mission


If you are going to be a good citizen of a nation, you would have to develop the positive attitude of your firm determination. If the person has the full determination to achieve something, then I am very sure that he can fetch start too, he can make the impossible dreams true.Education is a key that is essential for the development of one's personality and for the fulfillment of his dreams. True education is training of both the head the heart.

Intellectual education influence the head and values based education influences the hearts in fact, education that does not train the heart, can be dangerous. If we want to build the character in our offices, homes and society and want all round development and total personality development, we must achieve a minimum level of moral and ethical literacy. Education that builds fundamentals trails of characters such as honesty, compassion, courage, persistence and responsibility is absolutely essential

Success is not an accident no mystery but simply the result of consistently applying some basic principle and positive attitude. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

Keeping these facts in view, we intend to develop the favourable environmental by a well maintained spacious campus, spacious class rooms, a well stocked library, well equipped laboratories and other facilities to obtain the goal. Our aim is to guide you till your entire satisfaction

Striving for your success!

(S.K. Agarwal)


















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