Course Structure of B.Ed.

(i) First Year (Theory Papers)
  Ext. Ext. Int.
Paper-1 Childhood and Growing Up 80 20 100
Paper-2 Contemporary India and Education 80 20 100
Paper -3 Learning and Teaching 80 20 100
Paper-4 Language across the Curriculum 40 10 50
Paper-5 Understanding Disciplines & Subjects 40 10 50
Paper-6 Gender, School and Society 40 10 50
Paper-7 (a) Pedagogy of School Subject (Part-I) 40 10 50
(Any One)
  i. Teaching of Physical Science      
  ii.Teaching of Biological Science      
  iii.Teaching of Mathematics      
  iv.Teaching of Home Science      
  v.Teaching of Social Studies      
  vi.Teaching of English      
  viiTeaching of Hindi      
  viii.Teaching of Commerce      
EPC-1 Reading and Reflecting on Texts Nil 50 50
EPC-2 Drama and Art in Education 40 00 50
EPC-3 Critical Understanding of ICT 40 10 50

Practical/Field Engagement:

There shall be school engagement of Four weeks in the first year. School engagement and practical shall be evaluated as follows:

1. Observation of school activities
and preparation of report
Nil 10 10
2. Observation of Teaching and
preparation of report
Nil 10 10
3. Evaluation of teaching skills
(through microteaching
Nil 30 30
(ii) Second Year (Theory Papers)
  Ext. Int. Total
Paper-7 (b) Pedagogy of School Subject (Part-II) 40 10 50
(Same subject as chosen under 7(a) of first year)      
i. Teaching of Physical Science      
ii. Teaching of Biological Science      
iii. Teaching of Mathematics      
iv. Teaching of Home Science      
v. Teaching of Social Studies      
vi. Teaching of English      
vii. Teaching of Hindi      
viii Teaching of Commerce      
Paper-8 Knowledge and Curriculum 80 20 100
Paper-9 Assessment for Learning 80 20 100
Paper-10 Creating an Inclusive School 40 10 50
Paper-11 Optional Course (any one) 40 10 50
  i. Vocational Education      
  ii. Computer Education      
  iii. Special Education      
  iv. Teaching of Physical Science      
  v. Teaching of Biological Science      
  vi. Teaching of Mathematics      
  vii. Teaching of Home Science      
  viii. Teaching of Social Studies      
  ix. Teaching of English      
  x. Teaching of Hindi      
  xi. Teaching of Commerce      
  xii. Teaching of Computer Science      
In case of Optional Papers iv-xi, it has to be different from paper-7.      
EPC-4 Understanding the Self -- 50 50

Practical/Field Engagement :  

There shall be field work of 16 weeks in the second year out of which school internship shall be of 15 weeks. Out of these 16 weeks, 01 week shall be devoted to the observation of subject teaching in the school. Next 06 weeks shall be devoted for teaching of subjects lessons with daily lesson plan. 25 lessons each shall be taught at Upper Primary and secondary levels. During next six weeks students shall carry out the duties of concerned subject teacher as per the school time table. Last 02 weeks shall be devoted to post teaching activities. Activities during this period shall be evaluated as follows :

1. Criticism Lesson --- 20 20
2. Final Teaching 100 --- 100
3. Preparation of teaching aids/Improvisation
of apparatus
--- 15 15
4. Administration and analysis of results
of achievement test
--- 15 15
5. Evaluation of records (lesson plan, note
Book, teacher’s diary, Peer observation
--- 15 15
6. School experience and plan of action for
Improvement of some aspect of school
--- 15 15
7. Co-curricular activities (Organization /
Participation : Science club, cultural club,
Environment protection club etc.)
--- 20 20

Candidates opting for any paper of teaching of school subject under paper-11, shall be evaluated in two school subjects (opted under Paper-7 and 11), whereas those opting for papers other than school subjects under paper-11 shall be evaluated in one school subject (opted under paper 7) for the marks shown in section 1.4 under headings Practical/Field engagement of second year. Final teaching shall be evaluated by panel of examiners consisting of two external and one internal.
























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